Divine Feminine: New Feminism

Divine Feminine: New Feminism: "all people are(were)* born in to the masculinist conditioning, not anyone’s personal fault… *['(were)'...as the paradigm shift is happening..."


When I allow peace to be who I am
When I, without any condition, accept who I am
Then peace manifests in what we do in the world...
Every encounter promotes peace on Earth


One thing I feel for certain is that everything changes
And one can't change anything.
This is your acceptance mode.
And after awhile the acceptance mode changes, as well, to peace. I can't explain how to attain it; I can only recognize it and be it. It "happens" to a person.
Even the most stressful situations are free from stress.
Although... one is able to sense lower vibrations that could be considered negative
I prefer to see them as just different from mine.
The reality is, whether We think it or not
- no experience is personal

Once You realize Your Freedom
(that is always with You)
- Once You have the ability to truly choose
You, naturally, cannot choose "out of fear"
Fear dissolves
- therefore, any hypothetical question is just that -
all behavior comes out of the Now
And nothing is 'right or wrong' in the Now


Straight Talk

this morning, I have a deeper knowing on 'slavery'.... I have known for some time, (with the help of byron katie, and ET)... that all expectation and stressful thoughts...are just that....thoughts...
I woke up, knowing, that the whole 'world' is withIn, one single breath, this one now.
If I have an expectation, then I lose this knowing.
So this 'led' me to thoughts about slavery. Slavery is the human condition... it takes a multitude of forms. The only way to stop slavery is to stop thinking. And release absolutely every single itty-bitty expectation. I have been self-enslaved... with thoughts that other people, in a sense, should be able to see that "I suffer"...due to knee... and now, I realize, that in fact... I am In-visible, Visible only to myself {and You}... therefore... for a bit... now, I was thinking...maybe I 'should' be putting more 'energy'... in to action... and so the little I have tried... only "back fires"... greatly... Now.. I have realized... that when I say 'no effort'... the truth of this is... Yes, 'absolutely'...no effort.
This moment feels deeply Full... there is no other time/place/now to be IN... We take from this Air... Our birthright of Freedom...and even though, We See those, still In-slaved... We can know, the only thing to 'be done' is to Breathe... Be the Freedom In the Heart..to its Utter simplicity... Just This...


re: the Black Madonna

When space becomes available, when the soul is moved... reflections enter In
Returning to a-muse on the Black Madonna

Highly Evocative of the KNOWING "coming to the surface"... NOW



Open Yourself Fully to the All...
To the LOVE that YOU ARE!
What do You have to lose?
Your life....?  You don't have a life...
We Are Life, Itself

Stop thinking about it, NOW
)I have, You 'can' too!(

Don't try to do anything....about it!   Absolutely, don't try
If You don't "get" the teaching of 'Mary/Mary(Mag)' (MM- the double/triple "V")....   Truly does not matter!!!!   If You do... You reside In Paradise... (this is the only difference... You either know that You Are In Paradise.... or.....  You don't!!!    SIMPLE!!!)

the four "v"s
ie: mother/daughter/father/son
In One
('matters' only for the transition!) 


nothing comes to mind
the truth of equality
has nothing to do
with Our thoughts


V Mary/Mary M

The idea of virgin is:
Innocence/Love... in the sense that everything we Are and do in our lives is born of innocence/Love...at our core.

This essential part of each person is always there, and functioning... only the egoic mind obscures our inherently "pure" intentions.

I see Mother Mary/Daughter Mary Magdalene... to be the combination of the Silent teaching... balancing the Father/Son Jesus teaching to be:

the Voice of the Silent way of Allow

In other words, also, the Mary(s) are Conscious Beings...Equal to Jesus + the Father.

the removal of this teaching has been by way of the egoic suppression of these truths, in favor of controlling the masses...albeit with "conscious" unconsciousness...lol

The removal of the Mother essence from the Father god...

Recognizing the Her, as also, Lover... the representation of the Sacred marriage within each of Us.

The removal of the Mary(Magdalene) as Lover with Jesus as Lover...
In other words, the Trinity is essentially Mother/Father(True Heart), Mary as(mother/Lover) + Jesus as(father/Lover)...on either side of the Heart.

The Divine Unity of Feminine and Masculine withIn Us All. 

We Are All Equal with Jesus, and Now, We Bring "Back" Mary... to balance the True Teaching. (available to everyone through the Heart)

Thanks everyone for Listening,
In OneLove,

ps: whether these cast of characters were historical figures, compilations of people or mythical.... makes no difference!!!  To the Truth. (there are several myths/legends/tales/knowings that point to the same Truth!)